Conversion & Rewinding

We are leading experts in repairing damaged reels, whether its a crushed core, edge or wet damage we can handle anything.

Reel handling techniques have improved over the years. But when a reel gets damaged, we at CPS Paper Products can fix it fast, turning it back into good, usable paper. Investments in machinery allow us to convert the most damaged paper back into reliable stock.

Every year, we help our customers by fixing about 1000 tonnes of damaged stock. We can deal with reels that have crushed cores, reels that are wet and damaged, and reels with edge damage. We then resize these reels to meet our customers’ specific needs.



The Paper Specialists

41,000 sq ft Paper Manufacturing Plant

We are based in Eccles, Manchester. We have a range of paper manufacturing machinery dedicated to making high quality paper products.

Manufacturing Paper Products since 1984

We have a rich history manufacturing paper products. We are the experts when it comes to paper manufacturing.

Part of CBS Packaging Group

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We are based in Eccles, Manchester

20,000 tonnes a year

CPS Paper Products process around 20,000 tonnes of paper per year, repairing and resizing damaged reels and redundant stock. While also converting paper into paper products.

We are paper experts

We are leading experts in repairing damaged reels, whether it’s a crushed core, edge damage or wet damage, we can handle anything. Talk to us about your paper requirements.

Talk to us

We are happy to discuss any specific requirements regarding paper and paperboard manufacturing. Our extended capabilities allow us to handle any enquiry.


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